1. Pharrell Williams - Dear G I R L

    As per usual I’m trying to spread the beauty out there , and if Pharrell’s album is not beautiful I don’t know what it is . Listening to lyrics like ” Your mind fascinates me .I want to learn from you”

    ” It’s beautiful to see a girl who’s honest and free
    You live your life with no apologies
    You know exactly who you are “

    “When I first saw you I got excited .Tried to keep my composure, tryna hide…

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  2. Mrs. Cloney aka Amal Alamuddin Cloney

    First I just wanna ask if somebody in here watched “Suits” and knows Scottie’s character? Well Amal Cloney is reminding me of Scottie . And believe me I have on hell of an affection for Scottie ! Like getting Harvey Specter , well you have to be a hell of a great woman ;)
    The exact same thing I think when I see Amal with George ! And not only this , but the fact that she’s a lawyer and she’s…

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  3. CHANEL N°5: The One That I Want - The Film

    As I start to watch this short film I definitely think that’s the moments where I start to have chills , just like the song says .

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  4. More Weekly Style Inspiration

    [En] So here’s more of what I loved this week .Beginning  with Chrissy Teigen which style  I started observing since that iconic song of her husband , written to her :  “All of me” -John Legend .  She looks stunning in that long burgundy dress with her jacket on . It’s a pretty color combination tho !

    chrissy teigen

    Next on my list is , of course , :D Selena Gomez . This bae is looking so stylish with her…

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  5. Trends That Mean Something To You

    [En] Never in my life have I thought that I would love the Long Sleeve White Shirt .  I used to kinda hate it , back at school and now  I don’t think I find something more casual & more chic at the same time . They just exhale so much confidence , sexiness , delicateness , exquisiteness , it hurts ..



    Going hand in hand with the white shirt are the Classic Black Pants !  They elongate your legs…

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  8. Weekly Style Inspiration

    [En] I’ve recently been so much in love with Ariana Grande’s style , like too much cuteness in one outfit .Like I’ve seen so many 2 piece outfits (crop top & skirt ) , that I thought I wouldn’t like it anymore. Guess I was wrong ;) She’s been on too much all black everything lately , but there’s never too much black ,right ? ;)




    Next stop Selena Freaking Gomez ! How gorgeous does she looks in…

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  9. darshanapathak:

    Raise your hand if you’re straddling the line between crippling anxiety and not giving any fucks about anything

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  10. How to : Fall / Autumn

    {En]   Let’s start with The Outfit . Because what else makes you feel better or wanna get outta bed when is cold & rainy  outside . The Outfit ! Or maybe that’s just me :D  . I think it’s pretty much the same outfits you wear all the autumns  but just adding  a bit of an automny color . I’ve tried the orange kinda gold color this year  and it suits me perfectly . I guess I’m just pleased with it…

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